As any other 8 Ball Pool Cheats, you must realize that it is offering several log in on options to choose from and the question we have got now, is to know which one will provide you with the most needs you want and fulfill your requirements.

At first, you must understand how the login system works. It is some sort of linking between the two accounts, the gaming one and the social media account. It does not have to be a social media account, as it could be a newly created email still.

You are supposed to pick up a service that will link up your plays with and keep all your necessary information in a safe spot. This could sound weird for some people, but you will get to learn more in this regard as you scroll down below.

Tons of Amazing Rewards Waiting For You.

The daily rewards feature has been implemented to the latest patch of the game, now you will be hooked up with the game, as it will keep you notified with the changes happening in there and let you know every whole cycle that your reward is available to be claimed.

This means that you will keep opening the game every 24 hours and check on your rewards and maybe are hooked up with an invitation from a friend or a minim game that could attract your attention. That is how the most games are working nowadays as they add this feature to their games.

How to Interact With Your Friends?

Enter your friends list to check out on their states and there will be a detailed report of each one in this list. There are several features and options you can work around in this list and we have decided to illustrate them down below.

  • Exchanging gifts anytime you want with each other and increasing your income of coins.
  • Tighten up the friendship between each other’s due to helping each other’s.
  • Search for any friend from the search bar at the top left corner. Find them by entering few letters of their name.
  • Invite new friends to the game if they are looking for extra coins. Each friend will equal 500 coins as a reward.
8 Ball Pool Cheats, How the Login Option you choosing Will Affect Your Gameplay?
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