Listen Carefully TO What the Lawyer Has Got TO Say.

This chapter of the game is based on some real stories, and it is taking place on a boat, where you are supposed to be meeting your family members to read the death suit of your grandmother, so her lawyer starts to let you know what are your items and rights that she has left behind. Start downloading the game now for free. You can also be receiving Choices Stories You Play Cheats.











Enjoy The Journey, Meet New People.

So what is bringing you to this corner of the ocean? This is a very reasonable question at the chapter of Rules Of Engagement book by the game, now start getting to know the bartender and hear more of his own stories so far, so now let’s get you a brief about your visitation to the bar corner of the cruise as the bartender is asking you about what brought you up there at such a time, but we actually know why are you there at this place which is the meeting about your grandmother`s lawyers which is here at the same cruise, and he actually is the one who sent you an invitation to come over there, so now the bartender is offering you to choose your favorite drink, but before you choose you need to know that every single drink you are going to choose is going to reflect on your character and how it looks like, the tropical drinks actually reflect that women are cute, so you are giving the bartender such a picture, so you better keep enjoying your drink since the bartender needs to get working and take care of the rest of the customers around the place or they would start that here is something weird going on.

As you are drinking the tropical drink in piece, you will find your sis jumping right from behind at you and surprising you, you haven’t seen her in a long time so this meeting is expected to be some sort of unique, but your sister is kind of different and unique compared to everyone around here, she wants to start celebrating and partying at such a time, you are about to meet your grandmother`s lower and she wants to start parrying, but the fact is that she has noticed you flirting with the bartender, so your answer is going to determine either you are actually liking him or not, but the biggest shock is that you have a fiancé already, and that is considered to be cheating, so don’t go with confessing all your emotions and feelings to anyone at the game, it is not smart idea we actually do not recommend you doing that. So now you should be toasting the wildest summer of your entire life with jess, and let the fun begin, but before getting into details, remember to use the Choices Stories You Play hack to be able to have enough resources to help you out with your purpose at the game.

Choices Stories You Play Hack Will Open New Opportunities for You.