Simple house focuses

Winning the House Cup gives you 100 jewels, yet to ensure your home is in the running, you have to acquire house focuses! Here are some simple method to win House Points in the amusement to kick you off:

1. Prevail in addresses

2. Finish journeys

3. Settle on exchange decisions inline with your home’s directing standards, however abstain from being impolite.

Would you be able to have a relationship in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery?

Kinships are imperative in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack, and with the correct work a fellowship may bloom into something more. However, it will take quite a while as Matt London, an essayist for the amusement, uncovered to Polygon.



“”You’re 11-years of age, however the diversion covers the whole seven-year adventure. So additional time, as new stories get opened and you advance through the diversion, you will need to sit back and watch what sort of connections create,” he prodded.

The most effective method to gain jewels

Pearls can be exchanged for Energy and to open journeys, making them super-significant in-amusement. Here are a couple of ways you can acquire more diamonds:

– Choosing diamonds over Energy focuses when you’ve finished a journey

– Learn new spells and mixtures

– Win the house glass

– Level up

Would i be able to change my Hogwarts House?

Probably not! You are stuck wherever you are arranged into.

How would I raise my Friendship level?

There are a few ways you can build your companionship level with individual Hogwarts understudies, including playing recreations and going along with them for supper in the Great Hall. Raising your companionship level gains you pearls, so it’s an advantageous venture.

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