Welcome to Homescapes Hack Help Austin the head servant take warmth and solace back to his awesome family’s manor. Enter—undertakings anticipate you from the minute you stroll in the entryway!

Beat vivid match-3 levels to remodel and embellish rooms in the house, opening perpetually parts in the energizing family story en route! What are you sitting tight for? Make yourself at home!

As you finish stages, you’ll open Boosters that you can bring into levels with you.

The Hammer opens after you complete level 8. This Booster is constantly dynamic and enables you to evacuate a solitary tile of your browsing the board without spending a turn.

The Bomb + Rocket Booster winds up noticeably accessible after level 14. On the off chance that you pick this when beginning a level, you’ll get an arbitrarily set Bomb and Rocket control up toward the start of the stage.



The Rainbow Ball Booster is accessible after level 16. It puts an arbitrary Rainbow Ball when the stage begins.

The last Booster, the Paper Plane, can be chosen after level 20 and gives both of you Paper Planes when you start a phase.

Like coins, Boosters are to a great degree difficult to find, so we suggest sparing them until completely fundamental. On the primary stage after you open every Booster, they will be auto-chosen as a major aspect of the instructional exercise: you can deselect them before beginning the stage and counteract squandering a Booster on bring down levels. Additionally, on the off chance that you come up short a level various circumstances, the diversion will some of the time offer a fly up that says “Attempt this Booster.” If you pick Yes, it just chooses that Booster before beginning once more. It doesn’t grant you an additional Booster—it’s simply suggesting a particular one that may prove to be useful.

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