The most anticipated game has finally made its way to the mobile devices, as you can now start accessing it simply by paying a visit to the android or IOS stores and start downloading it for free, and with the help of One Piece Thousand Storm cheats you shall become the king of the pirates in actually very less time than the regular supposed one.

The attacking mechanism and many other features at the game will be discussed here in this game with details, so read the One Piece Thousand Storm guide to its end to benefit from the mentioned tips and many other valuable information to keep you going through difficult stages at the game without having to worry about anything else.

And now let’s start with the game UI at the game and explain it by making it so simple and easily accessible.

At the top of the screen you shall be seeing the Auto button, this button is going to be your best friend at the game throughout different levels, since it will allow your hero to start attacking automatically, all you have to do is to go right to the monster by moving the character and watch the hero doing all the hard work for you by killing them one by one, and also the very interesting part that you will actually take part the battle, it is not only about killing monsters there are the special skills, and that will be taking us into another story.

The Special Skills Are Your Best Way To Become The King Of The Pirates.


The special skills are what defines you at the battle and makes your hero much stronger than its competitors, you can find the skills bar located at the bottom side of the screen, and you will have actually around 4 slots that you can start editing them and modifying them according to your own preference. As you progress in the game you will get to unlock more skills and much powerful ones so reading this article will let you know exactly what are the best skills for the mission you entering, and that is a very crucial thing, we totally consider skills selection a tough part.

Upgrade Your Skills And Increase Your Powers.

As anything else the skills can be upgraded and improved to increase its powers, so the stronger your skills are the faster you will be eliminating the enemies you facing in the game, that is why the One Piece Thousand Storm cheats is totally recommended, because upgrading and improving your powers will require you to have enough coins and other resources, so with the One Piece Thousand Storm hack you shall be totally safe and secure from any chance of running out of coins during the upgrade and improvement phase at the game.

And do not forget a very important part at the game, which is making relations and increasing your allying team, you need to have as many as allies as you wish because that will let you have stronger powers and much advanced version of yourself.

ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM Is Avaialble Now For On Android And IOS