Get the game now for free on the android or the iOS platforms and remember to get also the Transformers Forged to Fight cheats along with them to have enough amounts of gold and other many resources available at the game, which will automatically lead to a faster progression and improvement gameplay experience.

Quickly jump to The Modes!

Now jumping quickly to the game modes and the available modes you will be seeing during the playtime at the game, now let’s start at the first mode you shall be finding which is the solo mission mode, as the name has mentioned the solo thing, which is actually meaning you will have to play it offline without any help from your friends and that will take us to the other mode that is available for you to play for free of course with your friends and all other mate which is  called the Raids, but let’s stick to the solo missioning mode for a while and cover many things about it already before proceeding to the Raids mode.

The solo missioning mode is like the backbone of the game, and it is actually there for you to help you to unlock more features and other game powers and of course many more Autobots will be waiting for you there to be enjoyed to the fulfillment, and don’t forget to obtain the Transformers Forged To Fight Hack which is actually designed for you to be providing you with the necessary resources that you are looking for in the game, to purchase new Autobots or apply an upgrade or improvement these all comes at a cost. And it will not pay for itself by itself, there must be someone there funding all these projects and upgrades.


The Raiding Is So Much Fun!

And now let’s move to speak about other modes in the game and starting with the raids as we have mentioned above in the Transformers Forged to Fight guide.

Raiding as the word actually means that is the act of attacking another player and forcing them to the defensive blocks they have, and also you will start looting them and take their stock of resources while they are away! But aware man! Do not do many raids so often, because the raids will lead to more haters and enemies you are creating.

The one you actually go there and knock on their doors are innocent and living a peaceful life, and you are a threat to them and a thief as well. So they will come at you back with much stronger and powerful Autobots to take their resources that you have stolen back! This is called revenge and the game totally allows it. But in order to enjoy this mode you have to be having an online and active internet connection. Remember that the Transformers Forged to Fight cheats is available to be picked up and enjoy the game without any restrictions.