This is the card studio facility at the game, and in this article right now we are going to start covering every single piece of the game to make it much clearer to you by adding awesome attributes and tips with hints as well, and let’s get you a quick vision of it and how it works exactly so you wouldn’t be surprised with the income you are receiving so far, in the card studio you can simply start accessing many departments but they all are cards related, so your main focus there will be related to the deck that you have.

Create and Choose Your Favorite Deck.

Start creating your own deck by selecting the desired cards to add it, or even use the Deck Editors, and here we are going to tell you exactly how you going to adjust to the given cards at the deck, so start using the cards that you have or you just won in the duels, to add them to the fighting deck that will be following you everywhere you go, so as we are stringent o explain the decks to you, you should be knowing that the main deck that you are going to start the game with can contain up to 21 or 31 cards, and you are allowed to only have 3 cards duplicated on the name only not the attributes, but if you are worried about the quality of cards you are going to have, then you should be totally fine and ok with whatever is thrown at you, because with the Yu Gi OH Duel Links cheats you should be actually having the strongest cards at the game so far, with the given amount of resources.

And now you need to understand the deck selection mechanism and how it works, entering your deck section, and you should be meeting and finding many decks available to choose from, so the one you desire to edit just click on it and move its state from idle to Active, once it becomes an active deck then it can be used freely on each duel you are entering from now on, but you need to pay attention to the deck slots, and don’t forget as well the perks of using the Yu Gi OH Duel Links hack, and enjoy the heaven your account is going to get into, tons of gems and gold coins waiting for you to be used in the right way.

Deck Board Explained.

There is this option that has been added to the game lately on the latest patch which is the deck board, this is the place that was created by the game developers to let all the players from all over the world post their decks so they get comments and advices about how to improve it or make much stronger in less time, you also can start having Yu Gi OH Duel Links hack without any extra charges as well.

Welcome to The Cards Studio In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links
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