The Different Fingerboard of a Violin or Viola

Generally everyone knows that a violin along with a viola are two different kinds of stringed equipment. But what a lot of people don’t know is there are actually quite a few differences between your two. In fact, the various components of any violin along with the aspects of a viola are not interchangeable. If you’re interested in learning the inner functions of those devices, continue reading to discover the various parts of a viola vs violin.

Our Bodies

The entire body of the violin or viola is generally created from 1 part of hardwood. This wooden is normally spruce, maple, or poplar. The front side from the entire body is referred to as the stomach, along with the back again is known as your back. The abdomen is normally produced from spruce due to the fact it’s light-weight and contains great acoustic qualities. Your back is usually made from maple because it’s resilient and strong.

The Neck

The neck of a violin or viola is attached to the system of your musical instrument. It’s normally created from maple or ebony. After the neck is definitely the pegbox, that is where tuning pegs are placed. The adjusting pegs are utilized to track the strings of your tool.

The Fingerboard

The fingerboard is situated on the neck of your musical instrument. It’s made from ebony or rosewood, and it’s in which the person positions their hands to make various information. The fingerboard is slightly curved to ensure as soon as the person presses upon it, the string helps make connection with all parts of the fingerboard. It will help generate a obvious sculpt.

The Strings

The strings are what make violin and viola tunes seem so wonderful. They’re usually produced from steel or gut, and they’re stretched over the body from the instrument. The volume of strings is determined by the particular musical instrument violins have four strings, while violas have both four or five strings.


As we discussed, there are many variations between violins and violas, both with regards to their construction and with regards to how they’re performed. If you’re considering being familiar with these instruments, make sure to check out our blog for more posts on all things songs!

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